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Scaling up Development: Learning Innovations and the OLC

(c) World Bank, Abha Joshi-Ghani, Director for Knowledge Exchange and Learning (WBIKL)

Read the latest blog post, "Scaling up Development: Learning Innovations and the Open Learning Campus" from the World Bank Institute's Director for Knowledge Exchange and Learning (WBIKL), Abha Joshi-Ghani

In her post, Joshi-Ghani begins by emphasizing the importance of knowledge and learning, and their ties to development. In the area of education and learning especially, Joshi-Ghani says there is a "revolution," writing that "Digital and on-line learning is helping us to scale up and reach thousands of people who are eager to learn and apply new knowledge and continue their learning as they progress through their careers, face new challenges, and acquire new competencies."

With this, Joshi-Ghani discusses the recently launched Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on climate change, "Turn Down the Heat: Why a 4⁰ Warmer World Must Be Avoided," and the soon-to-be launched Open Learning Campus. She notes that over 19,000 people have registered for the MOOC course, with about 60 percent of participants coming from developing countries. With the Opening Learning Campus, which will go live August 2014, Joshi-Ghani writes that the vision is for a "world class, leading-edge learning destination for our staff, clients and development partners to help us transform how we learn."

Read the full blog post to learn more about the MOOC, and let us know what you think by way of comments.


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