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Aleem Walji the Keynote Speaker at Open Data Development Challenge

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Aleem Walji, the World Bank’s Director of Innovation Labs, was a keynote speaker at the Open Data Development Challenge. The event was held in Montréal, Canada from January 27-28, 2014.

At the event, Walji gave a presentation on development and openness, titled, “Realizing the Potential of ‘Open’ for Development.” Walji provided examples of successful and unsuccessful innovations which make use of open data and technology to improve development assistance and public service delivery in developing countries. Among the lessons learned are that technology is not enough and that the most successful examples rely on communities.

The event included a 36 hour codathon and explored the technical challenges and policy discussions surrounding development, and brought together Canadian and international technical experts and policy makers to innovate in the areas of open data and aid transparency. Participants on hand and those following from home could also  track the event using the hashtag #OD4DC.

Joining Walji as keynote speakers were Vincent Rigby, Assistant Deputy Minister, Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada, and Mark Surman, Executive Director, Mozilla Foundation. Thirty-seven speakers rounded out the list, including Operations Specialist Johanness Kiess of the World Bank's Innovation Labs and Open Aid Partnership team, Open Data Specialist & Research Lead Sam Lee of the World Bank Group’s Open Finances team, Canadian lawyer and consultant Lindsey Marchessault of the World Bank Institute's Open Contracting team, Development Data Specialist Pernilla Näsfors of the Innovation Labs team, and Geospatial Specialist  Qiyang Xu of the Innovation Labs team. WBI’s Kiess, Näsfors, and Xu took part in the Geocoded Aid Data challenge.

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