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Crowdsourcing Feedback to Improve Healthcare Systems

Read the blog post, "Crowdsourcing Feedback to Improve Healthcare Systems" on ways to improve how citizens and health care facilities can better work together to provide better service delivery and health system reform in Uganda.

As Kidus Asfaw (TWICT), along with co-authors Yvonne Nkrumah and Julia Mensah (WBIHS), and Lyudmila Bujoreanu (TWICT) write, the satisfaction levels of Ugandan citizens with public health facilities has implications for "efforts to improve service delivery and reform health systems." To better facilitate this process, crowdsourcing has entered as a direct way to correspond with Ugandan citizens.

U-report and mTrac are two SMS-based platforms that have been leveraged as a result of a partnership between the World Bank Group, UNICEF, and the Medicines Transparency Alliance (MeTA) to provide "critical evidence" on health service delivery. Through this leveraging, "eye-opening" discoveries have been made, like how respondent satisfaction levels "ranged from just 35% for laboratory services to 71% for the 'attitude of the prescriber.'"

To learn more about the impact and effectiveness of the U-report and mTrac tools, read the full blog post, and share your thoughts with us via comments.

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