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The Joint Japan/World Bank Scholarships Program Call for Applications 2014 is Now Open!

(c) World Bank
(c) World Bank

Are you a mid-career professional from a developing country applying for a masters program?

Then look no further! The World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program is now accepting applications for its Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program. Established in 1987 and fully funded by the Government of Japan, this program awards around 150 scholarships annually. The scholarship grants promising mid-career professionals from developing countries with limited financial resources the opportunity to study under a selected set of ‘preferred master programs.’ Scholarship benefits include full tuition and fees, a monthly living stipend, and round-trip air tickets and travel allowance. Eligible candidates must already have several years of experience working in development-related fields after their bachelor degree and be currently employed in a paid and full time position at the time of application. If selected, candidates must commit to returning to their home country upon completion of their degree to apply their new skills to their country’s social and economic development. As the purpose of the program is to build capacity in countries, recipients are banned from working at the World Bank for three years following graduation.

The online application is currently open. For a complete set of eligibility criteria, the application guidelines, FAQs, preferred programs and online application link, visit our website.

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Self Regulation in Insurance

I will like to have any information on available training in the field of self regulation in insurance or the financial services industry.

enquiry about the japan/worldbank scholarship

After completing senior high school in Ghana, I didn't have the finances to go to the university so I was employed to teach in a senior high school because of my hardworking personality. I have taught at the high school level for about five years now whilst pursuing university education. I am in my final year second semester at the university of Ghana,... Do I qualify for this scholarship??? Thanks for your time.

Educating the World

Since my objective is to contribute immensely in nation building and development, i see this as an opportunity to get the education i need to make my dream of come true.

education sponsorship

aim atanzania citzen aneed to applay for education sponsorships
pleas help me to get application form

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