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Announcement of Finalists for Second Round of GPSA Grants

(c) World Bank
(c) World Bank

The Global Partnership for Social Accountability (GPSA) is pleased to announce the selection of eight new projects in Ghana, Uganda, Moldova, DRC, Morocco, Mongolia, Paraguay and Tunisia as finalists for the second round of grants under the program. The grants, totaling close to US$6 million during the next five years, will help provide strategic support to projects in which civil society and governments collaborate to resolve critical governance problems in developing countries.

As the final steps in the GPSA grant approval process, finalists will undergo a full due diligence assessment, and prepare their project papers for approval by the World Bank’s Country Directors. The Steering Committee of the program met in Washington on March 10 and 11 to discuss the results of the Second Call for Proposals.

The eight finalists were selected from a pool of 428 applications, based on technical reviews by an international Roster of Experts. With this round of new grants, the GPSA is now supporting 22 projects around the world.

View the List of Finalists, along with the Second Call for Proposals, the Selection Process, and the Roster of Experts.

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Sierra Leone is yet to qualify for membership the more reason why we cannot participate. We are making the necessary moves and will soon get there.

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