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The Next Frontier for Open Data: An Open Private Sector

Read the blog post, "The Next Frontier for Open Data: An Open Private Sector" from the World Bank Institute's Benjamin Herzberg, Program Lead for Private Sector Engagement for Good Governance (PSGG).

In his post, Herzberg begins by giving his take on what it means to be open, highlighting its uses, and needs, not only in the public sector, but also in the private (with business like JP Morgan Chase, Walmart, Armajaro). But he also acknowledges the not to rosy aspect of being open and transparent: that as demand for it increases, so does the gap between those who can afford to be open and transparent, and those who cannot.

This is why, as Herzberg writes, "to complement the work of the OGP with governments and citizens," the Open Private Sector platform has been launched at the World Bank. First launched at the G-8 Summit in June 2013, this platform will be "a suite of open data, web, and knowledge services that can help bring the private sector into the OGP movement."

To learn more about this platform, which has elements both in prototype and in use, and how it may be beneficial, read the full post and share your thoughts via comments.

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