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Advancing the Data Revolution through Country-Owned Data

Read the blog post, "Advancing the Data Revolution through Country-Owned Data" from the World Bank Institute Innovation Labs' Johannes Kiess.

In his post, Kiess talks about the launch of the Open Aid Map, which took place recently during the World Bank's Spring Meetings. The Map now allows for a "common platform" to see the who, what, and where of funding in developing countries, but is certainly not a new concept, as noted by Kiess, who says the Map "builds on earlier initiatives such as Mapping for Results, led by the World Bank Institute and AidData." What makes this Map new however, is its focus on country-owned data, and Kiess explains what this means for the work of the Open Aid Partnership (OAP) and the Open Aid Map. The OAP, for example, has had more than 300 people from civil society, media, and tech communities take part in Data Literacy Bootcamps in Bolivia, Malawi, and Nepal.

To read Kiess' full blog post, please go here, and let us know what you think by way of comments. The blog post can also be accessed via the Open Aid Partnership website.

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