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Why and How Cities Need to Learn Better

Read the blog post, Why and How Cities Need to Learn Better, from the World Bank Institute's (WBI) Urban Practice Manager, Christine Fallert Kessides.

In her post, Kessides talks about the work of WBI, the Institute of Housing and Urban Studies, and UN-Habitat’s Capacity Development unit at the 7th World Urban Forum in discussing the challenge surrounding cities. Specifically, the need for city managers and local governments to "manage cities more effectively to unleash the promise of urbanization." In doing so, Kessides highlights five main "principles of capacity development" that had been endorsed by participants 10 to 20 years back, including the development of human resources, strong political backing, a strengthening of supply capacity, and more.

Though Kessides notes the principles stated as "valid," she also acknowledges the need to think differently with the 10 to 20 years lapse in time; she writes, "And with all these changes, there is a growing recognition that urban practitioners need to learn how to learn, and sometimes 'un-learn' what is no longer relevant in new circumstances." So how might one do this? Kessides asks the following questions, and provides us with an insight as to how this city learning may be done better: Who needs to learn and who has relevant knowledge?, What has to be learned?, How to learn?, and How do we know capacity development matters?

Read the full blog post here, and let us know what you think by way of comments.

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