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How Will Transparency Improve Business Competitiveness?

Read the blog post, "How Will Transparency Improve Business Competitiveness" from Benjamin Herzberg, Program Lead, Private Sector Engagement for Good Governance (PSGG) at the World Bank Institute.

In his post, Herzberg talks about being open and collaborative, and its effects on business development. "We live in an exciting era, when open and collaborative practices can be translated into tangible economic and social gains," Herzberg begins, and he points to the recently passed legislation that "would mandate certain large companies based in the European Union to reveal information on environmental, social, diversity and governance matters." According to Herzberg, we are now more willing to be open; he writes, "We’ve come a long way from fearing disclosure to embracing it, and realizing the benefits of being open."

Herzberg goes in depth on the benefits of being open, how to report on non-financial performance, and steps moving forward. Read the full blog post here, and let us know what you think by way of comments.

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