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Increasing the Effectiveness of Multi-stakeholder Initiatives through Active Collaboration

In the past decade there has been a proliferation of multi-stakeholder initiatives that bring together diverse actors from the public, private and civil society sectors to solve pressing governance challenges, such as enhancing transparency and improving accountability for better development outcomes.

Last month, 40  experts and practitioners involved in multi-stakeholder initiatives  aimed at solving complex governance challenges came together at Wilton Park in the UK to connect, build common understanding, share approaches for increasing effectiveness and identify and articulate opportunities to leverage each other’s efforts.
The meeting was jointly organized by four organizations with longstanding experiences in facilitating and multi-stakeholder initiatives and convening action-oriented conferences - Wilton Park, the World Bank, the Transparency and Accountability Initiative and Reos Partners.
Wilton Park organizes meetings that encourage innovation, dialogue and collaboration among participants. The World Bank is supporting and involved in several governance multi-stakeholder initiatives on the global and country levels, including on issues, such as infrastructure, extractives and contracting, and in countries, such as Mongolia, Ghana and Nigeria. The Transparency and Accountability Initiative is a donor collaborative working to expand the impact and scale of transparency and accountability interventions. Reos Partners is a social enterprise that helps businesses, governments, and civil society organizations to address complex social challenges through multi-stakeholder partnerships and initiatives.
"It became clear that running a multi-stakeholder initiative can be quite isolating,” said Michael Jarvis from the World Bank Institute’s Open Governance unit. “Something as simple as being able to pick up the phone and talk through an issue with those who have faced similar challenges is a big help. The connections made at Wilton Park are already delivering that and have the potential to deliver much more in terms of helping codify criteria to assess whether to use this approach, a "starter-pack" for multi-stakeholder initiatives  and helping think through impact measurement."
As part of the follow up from the meeting, the Governance for Development blog currently features a series of blogs based on the themes that emerged while at Wilton Park.
Those blog posts can be seen here:
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Multi-stakeholder initiatives

Great resource. Interested in sharing experience on multi-stakeholder initiative at local level

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