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Stretching the Frontiers on Fiscal Openness Initiatives

Read the blog post, "Stretching the Frontiers on Fiscal Openness Initiatives" from Massimo Mastruzzi, Senior Economist in the World Bank's Governance Global Practice.

In his post, Mastruzzi talks about fiscal openness, recalling the importance of open budget data as a precondition for better development outcomes, noting the role of the Open Government Partnership (OGP) in bringing together countries that want to advance this agenda and learn from peers. In looking ahead, Mastruzzi writes that the biggest question is "how to best capitalize on the goodwill generated by global partnerships such as the OGP..." to address issues like the quality of data and its usability, and dealing with "fiscal black holes".

To read the full post, please go here and let us know what you think by way of comments.

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