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South-South Learning

The challenge 

South-South cooperation— an exchange of expertise and resources between governments, organizations, and individuals in developing nations— has been gaining importance and momentum in the development arena.

Along with Triangular Cooperation, it was highlighted in the 2008 Accra Agenda for Action (AAA) on development aid effectiveness as an important means of arriving at solutions to shared development challenges. 

Our Approach

The World Bank Institute (WBI) supports the Task Team for South-South Cooperation (TTSSC) with knowledge, advice, and financing.  WBI has established a one-stop shop to help World Bank staff design, develop, and deliver learning and knowledge exchange events, strategies, and programs. We also contribute to the South-South debate through an active community of practitioners (

Examples of South-South Knowledge Exchange

South South learning for practitioners: Global Dialogues on the Economic Crisis. During and after the global economic crisis, WBI organized a number of just in time global dialogues through videoconference, connecting countries from different regions that were struggling with comparable problems to discuss their policy responses and to exchange their first hand experiences.

Topics included subnational financing, subnational government programs, the macroeconomic sector, the financial sector, and the effects of the crisis on the poorest. Increasingly, developing countries help and support each other with knowledge, technical assistance, and/or investments. This has brought an important new dimension to the aid landscape, and the growth potential for this type of cooperation is enormous.

WBI Brochure: The South-South Experience Exchange Facility (PDF 775KB)