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Abdul Fofana and his university classmate at the BOOST training camp at the World Bank office in Togo.

December 23, 2013―Budget data that is open and easy-to-read allows people to know how and where governments spend their money. Togo is one of 13 countries featured in the recently launched Open Budgets Portal, a new knowledge product of the World Bank. Moldova is one of the first developing countries to have launched an Open Data portal, in May 2011 – opening its public expenses and other types of data in reusable formats. Now Moldova’s Open Data portal houses more than 700 databases.

Read the full story here, also available in Spanish, French, and Russian.

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Dear Sir or Madam:

Thank you for your comment of January 9, 2014, on the story "Opening Budgets Can Improve Citizen Participation and Accountability." You mentioned in your comment that you need to learn more on the subject matter. Are you referring to open budgets in general or are you interested in learning more about the experiences of Togo and Moldova that are presented in the story and/or the Open Budgets Portal ( We are happy to point you to additional resources, but we would need more information about what you would like to learn.


open budget

i need to learn more on the subject matter.

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