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"Adolescence is often the moment when a girl’s potential is irrevocably lost or stolen," Jennifer and Peter Buffet recently wrote in an article arguing girls need to be safe, seen, and celebrated. With girls facing tremendous risks at this critical juncture, what evidence-based approaches should be pursued to promote skills, education, and livelihoods of adolescent girls and young women? This discussion explores dimensions of empowerment (economic, social, political), types of skills, the role of boys, and how to get adolescent girls on the policy agenda. Join moderator Shubha Chakravarty of the World Bank, and three other experts, Judith Bruce of the Population Council, Jeannie Annan of International Rescue Committee, and Mayra Buvinic of UN Foundation, in a conversation about Adolescent Girls' Empowerment.

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Adolescent Empowerment

In previous work relating to this topic, I have seen the adolescents becoming empowered with education, which interns causes her mother to also want to be educated. It is a wonderful dynamic.

Empowerment of Girl child

Topical issue particularly in africa

Adolescent Girls' Empowerment

I imagine that the issue cannot be entirely divorced from poverty of the family/parents.

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