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Social inclusion forms the foundation for shared prosperity and plays a major role in poverty alleviation. Exclusion is costly to communities and nations’ economies – negatively impacting productivity, human capital development, and engagement by citizens. How do we diagnose and address root causes of exclusion? How do we go beyond the provision of ‘equal opportunity,’ and ensure respect for individual dignity, and the right to human life? Join Maitreyi Das of the World Bank, and three other experts, professor Gillette Hallof Georgetown University, Judith Morrison of IDB, and Emcet Oktay Tas of The World Bank in a conversation about Social Inclusion.

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Innovations in Social Inclusion

Dear Sir/Madam

Sustainable inclusive growth & development is the need of the hour. Investment decisions & designing of projects with focus on environment sustainability, would result in poverty reduction,employment generation and quality of life improvement. A considerable amount of awareness,education & participation of all concerned would be necessary.

I would be happy to contribute & be associated with any institution/s for the promotion of inclusive sustainable growth & development.

Poverty and social inclusion

Poverty reduction and progress cannot be imagined without inclusion.They can be achieved through inclusion and social harmony, to be developed working for common goods with respect of each other enhancing human values.Will leading world leaders and institutions work for it for world peace and progress of the world?

Equitable development

The issue of social inclusion comes from the lack of equitable development. In context of Africa only through the policies of the Africa Union will the entire continent have a vision social inclusion. Currently the issue of broadband in Africa is limiting the potential of African students from intellectual productivity.

social inclusion

Social inclusion for African countries should focus on compulsory basic education for all until age 16. It should further ensure that there is a way to ensure that those who drop out at or before 16 are taken care of through various vocational training and apprenticeship. The private sector should be given the opportunity to survive and thrive to ensure that employment is assured at SME levels...

Poverty and Social Inclusion

My prayer is that trainings like this are designed and delivered for African countries and most especially where I work in Nigeria to ensure social inclusion in projects. Social inclusion is seen to most managers as a favour to the affected groups and not a right. Unless managers are educated to appreciate and embrace the need for social inclusion, impact on poverty alleviation will continue to be marginal. Similarly, those charged with duty to ensure social inclusion themselves often receive unbearable resistance. Thank you.

Striking Poverty: Innovations in Social Inclusion

I would like to learn on this subject

Poverty and Social Inclusion

it is high time that the culture of equity in sharing national resources be nurtured especially in developing countries where huge inequalities

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