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Risks are a part of our everyday lives. Losses from risks and missed opportunities affect  everyone and threaten global prosperity. In addition, the fear of loss can prevent people from pursuing development opportunities, leaving many poor people trapped in poverty. However, societies that successfully adapt to risks can make  dramatic gains in their living standards. Therefore, risk management is important because it can save lives, help people manage setbacks, and unleash prosperity. 

The Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) “Risk and Opportunity: Managing Risks for Development” will start on June 30th, 2014. This course is based on the World Bank’s, World Development Report 2014, Risk and Opportunity: Managing Risk for Development. In this course you can learn how  risk management can be used to  unlock development opportunities, and handle risks proactively.

The course synthesizes, in an easily accessible and interactive way, main findings of the report, along with additional up-to-date research and experience related to risk management in the developing world. It also includes a game and animations that contribute to an intuitive and accessible approach to helping you understand the topic.

Join us today! https://www.coursera.org/#course/managerisk

Learn more about the World Development Report 2014 

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