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  • The Global Youth Anti-Corruption Network (GYAC) connects young leaders, musicians, and IT experts to improve transparency, social accountability, and to fight corruption. 
  • This year, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region participation has significantly increased with more than 10 MENA countries coming together in their first GYAC regional conference.   
  • Following the global Voices Against Corruption Forum in Brasilia, members will spearhead youth participation in the 15th International Anti-Corruption Conference in November 2012.

September 22, 2012―What do music and data have to do with the fight against corruption? One answer is an organization called Shudhify in India, which exposed trends and patterns of corruption using data collected in surveys, research, and from different Indian public offices. “This is empowering citizens so that they can engage with local government agencies to create a more vibrant democracy that goes beyond checks and balances,” said Srikar Gullapalli of Shudhify.

Young leaders, journalists, musicians, artists, and experts in information and communication technologies (ICT) from civil society around the world are working to improve transparency and social accountability in their countries. They are connecting with each other through the dynamic Global Youth Anti-Corruption (GYAC) Network.  This is a vibrant and active community that is passionate about fighting corruption.  

"Bringing together communities that traditionally did not collaborate to fight corruption - activists, IT experts and musicians - hit the nerve of a young generation that wants to engage to define their countries' future,” says Boris Weber, Senior Governance Specialist at the World Bank Institute (WBI). “The innovative ways they facilitate and open conversations, using ICT and music, helps them approach tough issues in a positive and non-threatening way." 

The network, which is supported by WBI’s Voices Against Corruption program, brings members together through its web platform, as well as social media outlets, and conferences. The web platform currently connects more than 1,300 GYAC members, and includes more than 60 member NGOs from over 45 countries.  

GYAC’s innovative global music program, "Fair Play," is an anti-corruption music competition in which musicians and “artivists” submit music videos with an original song composition on the subject of corruption. Fair Play, which is sponsored jointly with Jeunesses Musicales International (JMI), has involved over 130 bands from more than 50 countries and produced hundreds of music videos. These can all be viewed at

Voices Against Corruption - What’s New
New and existing members of GYAC have come toggether for the annual forums in 2010 in Brussels, Belgium, and in 2011 in Nairobi, Kenya. The network is currently mobilizing for the 3rd Annual Voices Against Corruption Forum, which will take place in conjunction with the 15th International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC) in November 2012 in Brasilia, Brazil.  

open-quotesBringing together communities that traditionally did not collaborate to fight corruption - activists, IT experts and musicians - hit the nerve of a young generation that wants to engage to define their countries' futureclose-quotesBoris Weber, Senior Governance Specialist at the World Bank Institute

A number of key developments have taken place since the forum in Nairobi. One of these is the strengthening of the network in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Civil society organization participants from 10 MENA region countries came together in April 2012 for their first regional forum, which was held in partnership with the Lebanese Transparency Association in Beirut, Lebanon. These participants have become the points of contact upon which the MENA GYAC network continues promoting and strengthening transparency in the region.  

Through an open competitive process, ten mini-grants have been awarded globally to young activists using technology to fight corruption. In addition to Shudhify, these include Diálogos Transparentes (Transparency Talks), which engages and mobilizes youth in Paraguay, and Anti-Corruption Journalism for Health, which fights petty corruption in healthcare services in Tanzania. 

3rd Forum in Brasilia and 15th IACC
One of the goals of the Third Voices Against Corruption Forum is to further establish the network as a global player in the fight against corruption. Members will convene in Brasilia on November 5 - 6, 2012. This will be followed by the 15th International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC), which will take place November 7 - 10, 2012.  

In addition to strengthening the network and building its sustainability the forum will bring out best practices of the innovative work being done around the world by members, and provide opportunities to share knowledge, especially related to ICT.   

The IT experts will collaborate with the activists, showcase various ICT tools and approaches that can be used for citizen feedback, and project monitoring.  The musicians in attendance will collaborate with the activists, participate in discussions and workgroups, and create new music that they will perform at the end of the forum, including to IACC participants.   

The members will also vote on the founding documents of the network, including the GYAC Charter. The charter will give more ownership and responsibility of the network to the members and their elected Global Coordinating Body (GCB). The selected business model will be the basis for steering the network toward sustainability.    

Participation in the IACC Conference
Participants at the Voices Against Corruption Forum will spearhead the youth voice in the IACC conference. They will lead a panel session on youth, ICT, and music. In addition, they will lead discussions with senior members of various government, NGOs, and multilaterals. They will also take the lead in drafting the youth declaration of the IACC.  

“The IACC conference will give members of Voices Against Corruption an elevated platform to be part of the global discussion against corruption and get an opportunity to meet and interact with leaders and policy makers,” says Gabi Wambo Laurent, GCB member of GYAC, and president of RECAAD-Cameroon. “This will help in establishing the GYAC network as a major player in the global anticorruption scene. It will also give the members legitimacy to work with their respective governments on anti-corruption efforts, and promote the excellent work already being done by young members around the world.” 



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